The Makers of Our Favorite Spatula Just Released a New Baking Kit and We’re Obsessed

published Jan 11, 2022
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It’s a new year, and that old bakeware from 10 years ago needs a revamp! Every baker, novice or pro, needs some newness added to their toolkit in order to whip up the best cookies, cakes, tarts, and breads. Because we think you deserve the best of the best, we’ll let you in on a little secret: GIR, the brand behind our spatula obsession, has just launched a super-cute new baking set. This set includes one regular-sized spatula, one baby-sized spatula, and a reusable baking mat, all in a fun sprinkle pattern. Your baking projects just got much more colorful.

Let’s start with the spatulas. We love these baking tools so much and have tried them with grains, doughs, soups, and brownies. They do not disappoint. The spatula’s polymer core gives it strength without stiffness, and the single layer of silicone that makes up the rest of the tool ensures no gunk will get stuck between handle and paddle. Heat-resistant to above 450 degrees and dishwasher-safe, what really sets these spatulas apart is the unique shape of their paddle. Reaching the corners of any pan will never be a problem again. Plus, with the mini-spatula, you’re able to maneuver around otherwise hard to reach places.

And now for the baking mat! This adorable sheet liner will replace parchment paper permanently. Eco-friendly and constructed from silicone, the mats (much like the spatulas) are BPA- and BPS-free so they’re safe to bake, roast, or broil on, and heat-resistant up to 550 degrees. The silicone does not impede heat distribution in any way, so you can be sure any cookie will come out exactly as expected. It wipes clean, rolls up for easy storage in a baking drawer, and doesn’t discolor or rust. Plus, just like paper or foil, these mats can be cut to size. Talk about convenient!

No matter what you plan to fold, spread, stir, roast, or bake, this set has got you covered for years of quality baking. Aside from their versatility and function, these three pieces make a sweet and charming addition to any baker’s collection. Now, go have fun baking!