Gingersnaps: Do You Like Them Soft or Snappy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This chilly time of year, we always have a batch of gingersnaps in our cookie jar, or at the very least, ready to bake in our freezer! They’re the absolute best for munching alongside an afternoon cup of coffee, and not so sugary that we feel like we’re ruining our dinner. Which kind do you like best: soft, chewy, or snappy?

To each his or her own, we say! Still, we feel that if they’re going to be called gingersnaps they need to have at least a little bit of crunch. We personally favor versions that are crispy on the edges and delightfully chewy in the middle, like this recipe for Fall Gingersnaps.

Then again the “snap” in the name could also refer to the spicy ginger that perks up our taste buds and makes us feel wonderfully warm. In this case, chewy cookies definitely have their place in the pantheon of gingersnaps!

What do you say?

(Image: Flickr member not a hipster licensed under Creative Commons)