Gingerbread Houses: The Apartment Therapy Versions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I wanted to make a gingerbread house this year. My mom often did them with us, and I have fond memories of eating half the candy while putting the other half on the houses. But I just don’t have an afternoon to spare right now for the long baking and assembly process. Besides, these Victorian wonders, these Hansel and Gretel creations, they don’t really express where I live anymore.

I don’t live in a house. I live in an apartment. It’s small. It has a handful of rooms, one floor, and no gabled roofs. No candy shingles, that’s for sure. So I came up with a new pattern for my gingerbread house. It’s much easier; in fact, it’s one-dimensional, a canvas for the layout of your apartment.

It involves no architecture and no building skills – just a little drafting with some icing. And for those of you who still yearn for gables and chimneys, there’s a one-dimensional version here of a summer cottage too, so you can have your city flat and your house in the Hamptons. No renovations required.

Just download, print on some cardstock, cut out and trace your gingerbread pieces. Bake and decorate with the floorplan of your apartment using royal icing and a fine decorator tip. Or just poke a hole in a sturdy plastic baggie, fill with icing, and use it to pipe the decorations.

To download and print the PDF pattern, click here: City Apartment and Summer Cottage Gingerbread Patterns.

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