Gifts from the Kitchen: Part 1

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We promised a roundup of good food gift ideas, and since it’s less than two weeks away from Christmas, now seems like a good time to be baking and candymaking! Here’s a roundup of good ideas from AT Kitchen – a collection of past gift guide ideas, your comments, and new recipes. There will be a second roundup to follow, one with even more ideas from around the web.

First, here’s some collections of ideas from this year and last. More recipes after the jump.

Food Gifts for the Holidays – Comments are full of good ideas from all of you!
2005 Make Your Own Gift Guide – includes links to Shaker pickles, preserved Meyer lemons, and granola.

Here are some recipes from our archives that would make great food gifts. There probably isn’t enough time left in the season to make Homemade Sauerkraut or Preserved Lemons with Cardamom, but bookmark them for next year, too!

Vanilla Sugar – Put in pretty jars with a red ribbon and you’re set.
Mailing Toffee – This is so easy and delicious.
Basic Granola – Who doesn’t like a bag of homemade granola?
Candied Lemon Peel – Nice for garnishes or in little tins as a treat.
Buckeyes – Everyone loves these.
Divinity – I put these in gold foil papers.
Preserved Hot Chiles – I want to try this for a non-sweet-tooth friend.
Bermudian Rum Cake – This is a classic Christmas cake, and one which could make a splendid gift.

Any more ideas? Good things you remember from our archives? Watch for Part 2 later today; we’ll be looking at other creative food gift ideas from around the web.