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40 of the Best Gifts for Enthusiastic Bread Bakers

updated Nov 30, 2023
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If you know someone who is constantly baking fresh loaves, boules, and baguettes, it’s safe to say that they have weathered the trend and aren’t just baking for Instagram anymore. That means that buying them one (or a few!) of these amazing gifts for bread lovers will certainly make their day. Whether they’ve been putting buns in the oven for years or they’ve really just taken to their new hobby, these baking gifts are just what you need for your favorite bread enthusiast. After all, bread baking is a skill that gets better and better with time and practice — and having the best bakeware, tools, gadgets, and accessories will only help them master their craft.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up bread-baking tools and accessories that they’ll be excited to put to the test, including several editor-loved picks, like the Le Creuset Bread Oven we’re obsessed with and a handy scale sifter for precise measuring. There’s no doubt that any of these items would make a thoughtful gift for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday — especially if you have a pal who typically can’t reach for the bread basket fast enough. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll share some of their creations with you as a very delicious thank you. Ready to get shopping? Then go ahead and check out 40 of the very best gifts for bread bakers.

Bakeware & Tools

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Kana Lifestyle

Although Dutch ovens are often used to prepare pot roasts, stews, and other main course meals, they're also terrific for baking bread. This oven from Kana will last a lifetime, as it's made from enameled cast iron that's beyond durable. Its 5.5-quart capacity allows bakers to make small and large loaves alike — plus, this piece will look so stylish in the kitchen with its simple, glossy design and stainless-steel lid knob. You even have 11 colors to choose from, and it's 30 percent off!

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Williams Sonoma

For the popover purist, a cupcake pan simply will not do — and for good reason. A dedicated popover pan, including this one that's crafted from aluminized steel, ensures that these delicate rolls bake evenly and release easily, staying intact until they reach the table.

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Measuring and sifting your dry ingredients for baking can be such a pain, and it's even more intimidating if you're a novice baker. This genius KitchenAid attachment makes quick work of that pesky baking task by measuring, sifting, and adding ingredients to your mixing bowl in one seamless action. Bonus: It's dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up between batches of sourdough will be a breeze.

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The challah bakers on your list will get so much use out of the elegant Shabbat Set from Our Place. The editor-favorite gift bundle includes the Oven Pan, the Oven Mat, a pair of Let There Be Light candles, and a gorgeous challah cover from MINNA.

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Le Creuset

Anyone who already bakes bread in a Le Creuset Dutch oven will want the next best thing: a Le Creuset bread oven! We tested it earlier this year and can report that it works beautifully thanks to the flat bottom (that doubles as a grill pan!) and domed lid. The top traps and circulates steam, resulting in a super crispy crust. Any bread baker will love making sourdough, whole wheat, rye, and more with this handy cast-iron bread oven.

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Made In
was $109.00

Designed in partnership with famed Chef Nancy Silverton, Made In's bread knife features a serrated blade that makes easy work of cutting through delicious loaves of all sorts, from homemade sourdough to chewy bagels — all without ruining the airy, lightweight texture.

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Great Jones

The wavy bottom of this Great Jones bread pan resists scratching and helps baked goods (such as quick bread and sandwich loaves) release with little effort. It comes in a two-pack, and you can choose between the beautiful bright blue or vibrant green that Great Jones is known for.

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This pastry mat from Silpat is the perfect find for the baker who likes to keep their kitchen tidy while they get to work. It has a firm silicone coating, so it will easily grip the counter while they knead and roll out dough and pastry. What's more, it's actually oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so it's perfect for baking rolls, croissants, and more without worrying about losing half your recipe to the baking pan.

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A repeat winner of the title of our favorite measuring cups for dry ingredients on the Kitchn Essentials: Tools Edition list, this OXO set is a must-have for bread bakers of any skill level. The sturdy cups are great for measuring out heaps of flour, plus they're magnetic for easy, organized storage.

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Nurturing your own sourdough starter is all the rage lately (thanks, TikTok!) and it's never been easier, thanks to this comprehensive kit from Kilner. It includes everything you need to get your yeast bubbling, including two jars, a stainless steel measuring lid, silicone markers, and a spatula, plus a booklet that walks you through the simple how-to.

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Williams Sonoma

Your giftee will love baking fresh baguettes for sandwiches, garlic bread, charcuterie boards, and so much more with this ingenious pan. Built to cook three baguettes to crispy perfection on all sides, this heavy-gauge aluminized steel pan uniformly conducts heat for even baking and browning. It also has a clear silicone nonstick coating for easy food release and no-fuss cleanup.

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Artisan bread always looks great lining the shelves of local bakeries. Want to know those bakers' secret? In addition to years of practice, they're also using proofing baskets, which help the loaves keep their shape and structure through their final rise. Gift one of these beautiful baskets to a loved one, and they'll get crunchier crusts and better texture on the inside.

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We named this budget-friendly but mighty Lodge Dutch oven the best option for baking bread. If you're shopping for someone who is still new to bread baking or someone who doesn't love having to care for cast iron, this is the next best thing.

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was $109.00

Taking the temp of a loaf of bread should be done quickly, and that’s why any baker will appreciate the fast (as in one second!!) reading this thermometer can produce. Of course, it's great for all sorts of other items, too — meat, casseroles, cinnamon rolls, you name it. It even won the best overall spot on our Best List.

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was $24.95

If your beloved baker is still scoring their loaves with a knife, it’s time for an upgrade. This stainless-steel lame features two blades — a curved edge that helps produce ears (that’s the extra crunchy flap of crust on top for the novice bakers out there), and a straight edge for detailed, decorative cuts.

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Great bakers know that measuring out ingredients with a scale is the best way to get bakery-like results at home. With a weight limit of up to 11 pounds, this scale can likely hold wherever the bread baker in your life is mixing up. Bonus: The handy pull-out digital display won’t get cast in the shadow of a large plate or bowl.

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was $129.99

This clever KitchenAid attachment allows someone to mix, knead, proof, and bake all in the same vessel. The ceramic bowl conducts heat well and has a tight-fitting lid that traps steam to help produce the ultimate crust. We also happen to love anything that makes cleanup a breeze, and this one-bowl-does-it-all design certainly checks that box.

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Challenger Breadware
was $369.00

A whopping 22 pounds of cast iron helps this pan absorb, retain, and radiate heat — all of which ensure the dough gets the love it needs. A super-tight seal traps steam so it won’t escape when the oven door opens, giving bakers that coveted crackling crust. It also arrives pre-seasoned, so it can be used right out of the box.

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was $297.00

Fresh, homemade bread in less than two hours? It can be done! This amazing little machine easily turns out a one-pound loaf with very little effort. The user just needs to add the ingredients, turn it on, and forget about it — though that will be easier said than done once the house starts smelling like fresh-baked bread.

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Crate & Barrel

For the popover purist, a cupcake pan simply will not do — and for good reason. A dedicated popover pan, including this one that's crafted from carbon steel, ensures that these delicate rolls bake evenly and release easily, staying intact until they reach the table. We especially love that it's safe for the dishwasher.

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was $25.99

Simplify your morning routine with the Hoan Bagel Guillotine. This handy tool swiftly slices your freshly baked bagels into halves, making toasting and spreading a breeze. With a carbon-steel blade and built-in safety shield, it ensures efficiency and safety. Choose from teal, red, black, or white to add both functionality and style to your countertop.

Accessories & Ingredients

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Bread that's baked with love deserves stellar accouterments, and that's where the Mini Essentials sampler from editor-favorite purveyor Brightland comes into play. It includes 3.4-ounce bottles of two of the brand's most popular olive oils (AWAKE and ALIVE), as well as two signature vinegars (RAPTURE and PARASOL).

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Williams Sonoma
was $299.95

The bread baker in your life will be more than thrilled to pop their slices into the Balmuda Japanese steam toaster oven. The TikTok-famous find uses steam technology and precise temperature control to deliver perfectly toasty creations. Plus, right now you get a 10-percent off promo applied at checkout!

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Help your favorite at-home baker serve their goods up with pride — and in style — with this charming bag from Uashamama. Made in Tuscany, Italy (where they know bread), this handy combo will keep any loaf toasty warm, thanks to a petite terracotta plate that you "bake" in the oven for 10 minutes before bringing it to the table. Bonus: The bag itself is made from washable paper for easy cleanup.

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Williams Sonoma

Because your beloved baker is going to want to toast the fruits of their labor! Many people love the retro look of Smeg products, but this one delivers on performance, too. It features two extra-wide slots for nice thick slices and self-centering racks that hold toast (and bagels) upright for even browning every time. And yup, this beauty also ranked well on our Best List.

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Williams Sonoma

There's nothing worse than working away at a loaf for hours, only to have it go hard less than a day later. Ensure they keep their creations fresh with this Brabantia bread box from Williams Sonoma. With a quirky retro design and chic colorways (ranging from forest green to coral and almond), it's big enough to hold two small loaves or other pastries.

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This discreet bread box makes a nice addition to any counter. The bamboo lid helps seal in freshness and doubles as a handy cutting board. It’s crafted from 26.8 recycled water bottles, so it’s a gift you can feel good about giving, too.

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A butter dish always seems like a nice, classy idea, but in reality, it usually turns into a goopy mess with butter sliding everywhere. That’s why the stainless steel base of this one is so cool. It looks great, but it also helps hold a stick of butter in place while someone slices off a pat.

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was $21.99

Moisture and air are the enemies of a nice loaf of bread. Help your beloved baker keep their masterpieces fresh and mold-free with these reusable linen storage bags.

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A homemade boule deserves to be stored in something a little more special than a zip-top bag. This vegan, eco-friendly wrap is made from cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. The best part? It’s washable, so the person you give it to can use it to wrap their tasty creations again and again.

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Our Place
was $95.00

This cutting board made from black walnut wood is as durable as it is gorgeous. Get it for someone who needs a nice surface on which to slice and serve their bread.

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King Arthur Baking Company

Sourdough starters were all the range a couple of years ago — remember that? Remind someone that they had a good thing going for a while, and encourage them to get back at it with a fresh, new starter.

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Bread that's baked with love deserves stellar accouterments, and that's where The Duo set from editor-favorite purveyor Brightland comes into play. It includes 12.7-ounce bottles of two of the brand's most popular olive oils (AWAKE and ALIVE).

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Baking can get a little messy, and when it's time for clean-up, what better way to do so than with this chic-looking kitchen trio by Courtney Cox's home brand Homecourt? The set of three contains dish soap, surface cleaner, and hand soap so that you (and your kitchen) can look pristine.

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Uncommon Goods

For ambitious bakers, the Baker's Helper is a close-to-perfect assistant. With an acacia wood board, six egg holders, two butter trays, and a ceramic cup, it brings cold ingredients to room temperature. A hand-blown glass cloche keeps everything fresh (and safe).

Just for Fun

1 / 5
was $45.00

The King Arthur Baking Company has been a household name for more than 200 years, and they've distilled a ton of time-tested insights and tips into this new cookbook. Rather than focus on recipes (although it includes plenty of those... ), the book focuses on showing people how to bake. Any baker is sure to love it, whether they're just starting their bread-making journey or are a veritable carb-cooking expert.

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Farm Steady

Both kids and kids at heart will get a kick out of this bagel-making kit. Your giftee can skip running out to the bagel shop in their pajamas on a weekend morning and instead make their own Insta-worth rainbow bagels at home. We tested it out and guess what? It's loads of fun!

3 / 5

What will they appreciate more than something that helps them bake delicious bread? How about having delicious bread delivered right to their doorstep? With Wildgrain, a bread delivery service, you can gift them a box of bake-from-frozen loaves, rolls, pasta, and more. Because everything arrives frozen, you don't have to worry about anything going bad. Our executive lifestyle director, Lisa, was blown away when she tried it out, starting with a sourdough loaf. "The crust had crisped up nicely and the inside was fluffy and pillowy and chewy. Still warm, this bread tasted like something you’d get in a bread basket at a restaurant," she said.

4 / 5
was $27.99

With approachable techniques for baking bagels, beignets, and more filling its pages, this bestselling book is loaded with recipes that bread bakers of all experience levels will appreciate and learn from. We're betting the person you wrap this up for will be aching to get into the kitchen the moment they receive it.

5 / 5
was $24.98

Gift them this adorable bread-inspired shirt to wear while they mix and knead their favorite loaves. It comes in various colors, perfect if you have a few bread lovers on your list!