Bottle Stock’s Wine Wrap Papers: The Perfect Packaging For a Wine Bottle

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re gifting a bottle of wine, you might think the bottle itself is gift enough. But if you want an extra special presentation, I have just the thing: wine wrap papers from the newly launched Bottle Stock, a small shop based out of LA catering to design-minded wine lovers. Each sheet is cut to fit most 750ml wine bottles, and the paper designs are lovely and eye-catching!

The founder of Bottle Stock, Whitney Adams, works as a sommelier, wine writer, and blogger in Los Angeles, so she knows her stuff. She started Bottle Stock as a way to provide stylish and original wine tools and gift supplies for an industry “in desperate need of something fresh and sophisticated,” as she wrote here. Besides wine paper wraps, Bottle Stock also sells things like pretty corkscrews and tie-dye leather coasters.

I think the wine wrap papers may be my favorite, though. They come in a set of three, one of each design shown in the photo above: Grape Leaf Drops, Alto Fragile, and Blue Arrow. I would love to have a few sheets around for the next time I’m headed to a dinner or housewarming party!

Buy It → Wine Wrap Papers, $10 from Bottle Stock

(Image: Bottle Stock)