The One Question Giada Is So Sick of Answering

updated May 24, 2019
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We all get those questions. You know the ones I’m talking about — the ones you have to take a deep breath before answering. Maybe it’s your boss asking if you’re busy (no, I’m just sitting here waiting for you to give me something to do), or your dad asking if you’re ever going to get a real job (are you ever you going to figure out how to use Instagram, Dad?).

For Giada De Laurentiis that question has everything to do with her looks.

The host of Food Network’s Giada at Home explains in a recent segment of Al Roker’s Cold Cuts one of her biggest pet peeves is the question “How could I be so thin and eat so much pasta?

“Never trust a skinny chef. […] My entire life the first thing out of people’s mouth is ‘how do you stay like that eating all that pasta?'” she says in the video.

The mostly lighthearted video features old friends Roker and De Laurentiis catching up. He jokes he’s known her since she was 3 years old. While De Laurentiis talks bread (her favorite is focaccia and she makes a mozzarella sandwich with pesto and fried capers that will have you wishing you could reach through your screen and take a bite), she also talks about starting out on the Food Network, the plethora of ingredients that we can now find in the U.S., and more.

The segment takes a serious turn when she talks her divorce, which De Laurentiis says was her biggest career setback, before returning to the friends laughing over the difference between mozzarella and burrata and talking how portion sizes are so different in Europe than in America.

If you’re really wondering how the chef stays so skinny she says it’s because “I don’t eat all the pasta. I eat a couple bites of the pasta; I don’t eat all of it. I eat a little bit of chocolate. I don’t eat an entire platter of anything.”