Getting Ready: Carbing Up for the Boston Marathon

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Runners, ready? On your mark. Get set. Go!

Since moving to Boston, cheering the runners at the Boston Marathon has become one of our favorite events. The race is ostensibly held as part of Patriot’s Day celebrations, a holiday commemorating the beginning of the Revolutionary War and little known outside of New England. For us, the Boston Marathon also marks the true beginning of spring in New England–permission to wear sandals, eat ice cream, and stand in sunshine for hours on end.

Until we actually get up the gumption to run it ourselves, we’ll gladly help our marathon buddies get ready by preparing all sorts of carbo-loaded dishes. Click through for some of our favorites.

Anyone running the Boston Marathon on Monday?

It’s no myth–carbohydrate-loaded foods really are some of the best things to eat before endurance events like marathons and bike races. The day or two before, you want to load up on complex carbohydrates, like pastas and grains, that will give you continuous energy through the race. On race day, go for the simpler carbs from fruit juices, sports drinks, and sugary foods, which are easier for your working body to digest and will give you boosts of energy along the way.