Getting Ready for Thanksgiving: Cranberry Sauce with Frills

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Well, you certainly are sneaky – you’re making your own cranberry sauce this year! Congratulations. Perhaps you are making the No-Frills version we suggested earlier, or maybe you’re ready to get adventurous.

Let me explain something about cooking: being adventurous in the kitchen requires no talent. It requires guts and patience. Guts because you need to dare yourself to think out of the box and try things you wouldn’t normally try, and patience because sometimes it won’t work out.

Making a batch of cranberry sauce can get pretty interesting once you start toying with the ingredients. Instead of cooking the berries in water, try other liquids like wine, juice, or even a little bit of vinegar. And to add flavor, why not add citrus zest, candied nuts, fruits like pears, dried apricots, currants, crystallized ginger and spices and herbs like cardamom, rosemary, and cloves? As long as you don’t use too many (keep it to three or less added ingredients), can imagine the different flavors working harmoniously, and you understand how to make the basic sauce (easy!), you won’t mess up.