Getting Kids to Eat, Duck Feet, and Favorite Summer Cookbooks Good Food with Evan Kleiman

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Did you catch Good Food this past week? If you have small children, you’ll definitely want to listen to the sections on cooking for kids. There’s also an audio walk-through on how to de-bone duck feet, a few cookbook recommendations for summer, and much more!

Dinner at the Carlsons and Feeding Baby: We’ve heard of singing for our supper, but what about singing for your baby’s supper? If you have trouble getting your kids to eat, this trick from the Carlsons might just work! Also, a few tips from the authors of The Family Chef for raising happy eaters. (And check out our own discussion on making your own baby food!)

De-Boned Duck Feet: Did you know that the process for de-boning duck feet is patented? After Eddie Lin’s description of the process, we think we’ll just buy them pre-boned – that is, if we ever get up the gumption to make duck feet at home.

Food Paparazzi: With so many of us food bloggers out there, seeing someone pull out their camera at a restaurant and snap a picture of their plate doesn’t seem all that strange anymore. Even so, Helena Echlin of has a few etiquette suggestions for us!

Heirloom Tomatomania: If you’re growing heirloom tomatoes this summer – and especially if you’re having trouble with them! – this interview with Scott Diagre of Tomatomania can help. In addition to the interview, there’s a great video on the Good Food website.

Summer Reading: Looking for some cooking inspiration this summer? Christine Muhlke of the NY Times Magazine shares her summer cookbook suggestions, including a book of cocktails, another on cajun cooking, and, yes, some to help spice up your grilling!

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• If you missed the show, head to the Good Food website to download the podcast!

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