5 Delicious DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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My fiancé Sam and I are getting married in less than a month, and one of the (many) tasks has been finding sweet packaging for our wedding favors. Of all the weddings I’ve been to that have done favors, the ones we’ve most enjoyed (and actually used) were the edible gifts.

The day after the wedding, there’s nothing like a nice breakfast treat, and guests who have traveled quite a distance will surely appreciate a snack on their way home. We quickly landed on one solid idea for our wedding, but in the process we came across a few other inspired options for edible wedding favors — here are five favorites.

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1. Spiced Nuts

There’s something to be said about a wedding favor that can be enjoyed during the cab ride home or the next afternoon. Spiced nuts are something many people love. They’re easy to make ahead, and you can use your favorite blend of herbs and spices. Plus, the packaging options are easy and endless!

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2. Coffee Beans

We recently went to a wedding where there was a coffee bean bar at the end of the night. You grabbed a kraft paper coffee bag that the couple had stamped with their names and wedding date and scooped your beans of choice into the bag. I thought it was a really nice gesture, and friends and family all ended up gathering around the table, chatting about coffee and getting to know one another even further.

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3. Granola

Because I happen to own Marge Granola and this is technically how my fiancé and I met (I’d originally hired him to do our website), this was the perfect choice for us — I’m going to make a custom flavor of granola using seasonal fruit and warm spices. Granola is relatively simple to make at home, and the nice thing is you can easily customize it to your taste and preference. Plus, you can bake your granola at least a few weeks in advance of the wedding — nice when you’re trying desperately to check things off the list.

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4. Homemade Jam or Preserves

Homemade jam is a wonderful token of appreciation for friends and family. You can use fruit that is in season when you’re getting married and buy some pretty adhesive labels online or from your favorite craft store to personalize them. Alternatively, there are so many wonderful small-batch jam makers out there now, you could select your favorite one and see if they do small gift-size jars.

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5. Cocktail Bitters

Do you and your partner love making cocktails at home? Want to introduce your guests to a way to make more nuanced, interesting drinks and help bolster their home bar? Homemade bitters are a really unique, special gift that people will surely remember. There are a few great books to help you get started — I particularly love Bitters by Brad Thomas Parsons. Here’s a basic guide to get you started, too:

→ How to make bitters: How To Make Homemade Bitters

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