Ever Tried This? Powdered Butter For Your Pantry

Ever Tried This? Powdered Butter For Your Pantry

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 7, 2010

My husband and I are fairly gung-ho about having a proper food stash to weather natural disasters or rough times. Even if you aren't, though, you may be interested in a few pantry staples designed to have a long shelf life. One product that's new to us (and we're guessing to many as well) is — get this — powdered butter!

Butter powder is made from actual butter, nonfat milk solids, sodium caseinate (milk protein) and disodium phosphate (an anti-caking additive). It can be shipped to your door in large cans or small packets and could be a bonus to stock at the back of your pantry for those times when running to the store just isn't in the cards.

You bring this magical powder back to life by stirring in equal parts water. The result is a thick spread-like product (think tub margarine consistency) that actually is butter. The reviews we've read praise it as working well in baked goods (though not having quite the same lift in creamed butter and sugar), topping movie-theater-like popcorn, and making for a tasty spread for breads and such.

We're pretty sure this falls into the same category as astronaut ice cream for us — tasty, but we'd rather have the real thing. We can understand the value it might add to a pantry, as there are times when you're without butter or refrigeration — when camping, perhaps? It might be nice to have it tucked away, just in case, but it obviously won't be a daily eat for us.

We are however glad something like this exists, even if we won't be gobbling it up by the spoonful. Sometimes it's just neat to stand in the shadow of technology and new innovations.

What do you think of items like this? Will it be added to your backstock of "just in case of an emergency" goods, or would you rather go without?

Find it: Butter Powder, $8.19 at Shelf Reliance

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Image: Shelf Reliance

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