Get the Cast Iron Cleaner That People Are Obsessed With

updated May 1, 2019
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You’ve heard us extol the virtues of a well-seasoned cast iron pan. A cast iron pan is versatile, lasts forever, and cooks everything from steaks to eggs to steak and eggs like a pro. That said, cast iron pans also require a specific kind of upkeep. It can feel overwhelming — enough to make you want to throw in the towel and just use nonstick pans exclusively!

Don’t do it: Listen to us (and countless generations of grandmothers who came before us) and get yourself a cast iron pan, and then buy this Amagabeli Cast Iron Cleaner for only $13 on Amazon to keep that skillet in tip-top shape.

Sure, it looks like something out of Game of Thrones, but the handcrafted chainmail scrubber is made specifically for cleaning cast iron without scratching it or stripping away the seasoning you worked so hard to build up. Bonus: If you have a rusty old cast iron skillet that needs restoring, this guy will be your new best friend for that process. People (Amazon reviews and our editors) are totally obsessed with it — it has five full stars in the review section!

“If you have cast iron you dread cleaning, I can whole-heartedly say that this has taken the dread out for me,” says one reviewer. “The chain mail scrubber allows for great scrubbing friction and scrub power, is easy to rinse, and can even be deep cleaned in the dish washer. I love it!” says another.

We’ll have more stories on this scrubber coming up, so stay tuned. But in the mean time, spend the $13 to give it a try!

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