How Would You Like a Smartphone-Controlled Toaster Oven?

(Image credit: June)

So far, the refrigerator and specialty appliances like sous vide machines have been the biggest targets for smart home technology in the kitchen.

Now you can add your toaster oven to the list of appliances that can connect with your smartphone.

June, a new countertop oven, comes from a team made up of 10 former Apple engineers, and while it isn’t designed to replace your big oven, it is perfect for making smaller baked dishes easier.

A few of the features that make June stand out:

  • An integrated food thermometer to prevent overcooking meat.
  • The ability to monitor oven temperature and control from your smartphone.
  • Food ID, a camera that recognizes common foods and gives you a guided program to cook them.
  • Video monitoring so you can check how brown those cookies are from the living room.

What’s even more surprising is the price. June is currently available for preorder for $95, which is $50 to $100 less than most fully featured countertop ovens.