Get Organized! A Peek Inside Martha's Kitchen Drawers

Get Organized! A Peek Inside Martha's Kitchen Drawers

Faith Durand
Nov 1, 2010

The third week of the Kitchen Cure is focused on restocking. You've pulled everything out, cleaned it, and pitched the dead weight. Now you're putting it all back together, and who better to inspire us in the area of reorganization, but Martha Stewart? Here's a trip through the drawer organization in one of Martha's own kitchens.

These photos and these drawers are fascinating on a couple different levels.

One the one hand, they're insanely overstocked. Who needs a whole drawer of bamboo picks? Napkin rings? Sooooo many knives? Not us, that's for sure. Martha's kitchens function as catering kitchens, of course; they serve huge quantities of guests, and they're set up accordingly.

But while our kitchens really don't need to be this overstocked or insanely organized, we can pull a little inspiration from these drawers. We really like how each drawer is neat and organized, and efficiently stocked — but it's not bulgingly-full. There is enough empty space to easily reach in and find something. Each drawer also has a really clear layout and organization; we love the use of those trays to organized everything so nicely.

Do any of your drawers look like Martha's? Do you have one particular drawer you'd like to pull apart and put back together in a fresher, better way this week?

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(Images: Martha Stewart)

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