Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone: Wild Strawberries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

By looks alone, wild strawberries can’t compete with the plump, bright red supermarket variety. They look like small, discolored runts of those grocery strawberries. But the taste is unparalleled. And their season is quickly coming to a close. Have you tried wild strawberries?

This week, David Lebovitz wrote about his love for fraises de bois (wild strawberries) atop fromage blanc. My first encounter with wild strawberries was at the incredible farmers’ market in Portland, Oregon. One bite and I knew it was the best strawberry I’d ever tasted. Period. I’ve been hooked since. They are so sweet that they need no sweetener and are ideal for eating while strolling the booths at a farmers’ market.

Depending on where you live, these delicious berries may still show up at your farmers’ market through early August, but expect them to go quickly. Grab a pint before it’s too late!

(Images: Flickr user Kristymp licensed for use under Creative Commons)