Genius Solution for Messy Pot Lid Storage: Hang Pot Lids On a Magnetic Knife Rack!

(Image credit: Ailine Liefeld)

Am I the only person who a) has never thought of this before, and b) thinks it’s absolutely brilliant? When I saw this photo, I immediately went into my kitchen and tried popping one of my stainless steel pot lids on my IKEA magnetic knife rack and… yup, totally works.

Storing pot lids can be a pain. Over the years I’ve tried different ways of keeping them neat and organized, like stacking the lids on their sides in a cabinet, designating one whole drawer for them, or keeping them always with their pots, but they inevitably get in the way, or misplaced, or still take up too much space.

But this? I could get behind this. I’ve planning to install some kind of hanging device in my pantry to store my pots and pans, and now I’m considering adding a magnetic knife rack or two in the mix to hold the lids. Who’s with me?!