Another Frozen Pizza Shortage Is Underway — Here Are the Brands Currently Affected

published Mar 28, 2022
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pizza and pizza dough made in an air fryer, with various toppings in small bowls around the pizza crust and dough
Credit: Photo: Eric Kleinberg; Food Stylist: Kristina Vanni
Crispy Air Fryer Pizza

The past few months have been rough for some of our favorite foods, from the great cream cheese shortage last winter to Mexico’s avocado import suspension right before the Super Bowl. And while I don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news, it’s our job here at Kitchn to keep you updated with the latest happenings in food. 

As such, there may be a few changes the next time you take a stroll down the refrigerated and frozen aisles of your supermarket. According to TODAY, General Mills has reported that both their Pillsbury doughs and their Totino’s frozen dough brands are the latest to experience supply chain issues. The parent company of the pizza products recently revealed that they’ve been having trouble keeping up with the public’s demand for their refrigerated pizza dough. 

During its recent earnings call, a General Mills representative said it doesn’t look like inventories will be back to normal this year. While there isn’t a date for when supplies will return to normal levels, a rep told TODAY Food via email that they’ve seen a positive change in service in the last few weeks, and they’re expecting further improvement in the coming months.

This isn’t the first time pizza has been affected by the pandemic. It seems like forever ago, but there was also a frozen pizza shortage just at the start of 2020. But since we got through the last one together, I know we can do it again.