Gold Medal Flour Is Being Recalled Nationwide — Here’s What You Need to Know

published May 2, 2023
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If your spring cleaning hasn’t started yet, you may want to get to it as soon as possible and direct your initial sights towards the pantry. The main item you should be looking to throw out? Flour.

On April 28, General Mills announced a voluntary national recall of 2-, 5-, and 10-pound bags of its Gold Medal Unbleached and Gold Medal Bleached All Purpose Flour with a “better if used by” date of March 27, 2024, and March 28, 2024, respectively. The reason for the recall is due to the possible presence of Salmonella Infantis, which was discovered during the sampling of their 5-pound bag product.

According to the notice provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the recall impacts two date codes of Gold Medal Bleached All Purpose Flour in the 5- and 10-pound bags, as well as two date codes of the Gold Medal Unbleached All Purpose Flour in the 2- and 5-pound bags. While other varieties of Gold Medal Flour are currently not affected by the recall, there have been 13 reported illnesses and three hospitalizations across 12 states because of it.

The company would like to remind consumers that flour is not a ready-to-eat ingredient, and while the CDC notes that salmonella bacteria is eliminated when it is cooked at high temperatures, it is encouraged that you do not bake or cook with the flour in question. As always, be sure to bake or cook food made with any brand of raw flour thoroughly prior to consuming.

Consumers are urged to check their pantries and dispose of any flour products affected by the recall. However, if you are unsure if your flour is impacted, the FDA recommends disposal of any products in question. For the consumers who have had to discard any General Mills flour products, they can contact the General Mills Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-230-8103.

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