General Electric Sponsors “World Health Day”

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Whoa. G.E. has really outdone itself. I learned yesterday from Daily Candy that apparently today, April 7th, is “World Health Day” and in honor of the big holiday, they’re asking you:

How do you picture a healthy world?

They have a fancy-schmancy website set up to take your answer, and your photo. Today, G.E. is taking over all of Times Square’s major digital billboards to show pictures of you doing a healthy activity. You can even run down there today and pop into one of many dedicated photo booths, stocked with silly costumes.

After searching the database for photos of people cooking for their health and coming up with nothing, I went ahead and submitted a photo of me with some freshly baked pies (see if you can find it – and if anyone sees me towering over Times Square, let me know!) I thought about staging an homage to PCBs in the Hudson (thanks, G.E.!) but decided to just go with the spirit and be a nice guy.