The Internet Loses Its Collective Mind Over Gender Reveal Lasagna

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

We are not even one month into 2019, and we have already reached peak gender reveal party announcements — which went from zero to 60 last year with fireworks, exploding smoke bombs, and yes, even a live alligator. And now expectant parents have a found a way to ruin lasagna — previously unimpeachable — too. Yesterday, several folks in food media got a pitch from a PR firm promoting the latest in over-the-top baby shower antics: the gender reveal lasagna.

Nope, time to cancel the gender reveal party trend permanently. Leave lasagna alone!

As you can probably imagine (though you don’t want to, trust me) the cheese on the lasagna is dyed either pink or blue depending on the gender of the baby. It is gross-looking, and food Twitter promptly had a meltdown. As a few voices of reason pointed out, to give the gender reveal lasagna any attention would be rewarding the publicists at Villa Pizza Kitchen — the evil geniuses behind this creation — with the attention they want. And yet no one could recover from what was obviously a publicity stunt.

While some joked that it was an early contender for the best PR pitch of 2019, I think it’s probably best to just let some things remain sacred. And by “some things” I mean pasta. This is, as the saying goes, why we can’t have nice things. Because some PR person is going to dye it blue or pink and try to convince us it’s still appetizing, which it is not. In fact, I don’t necessarily care how it tastes because I’m not going to eat cotton-candy-hued cheese under any circumstances, not even to celebrate the birth of your kid.

Anyway, if anything the gender reveal lasagna only proves that 2019 is going to be full of weird foods, whether we want them or not. Prepare your palate to be shocked.