The Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Your Loved Ones with June Birthdays

updated May 31, 2019
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It’s time to start showing the summer babies in your life some birthday love! What better way than with a gift chosen for them by their stars? This month, Brittany Goss, astrologer and coach at Rebel Astrology, is giving us the scoop on the best gifts for the Gemini and Cancer zodiac signs. Here are her 10 cosmic picks for the June-born peeps in your inner circle.

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1. Tipsy Tower Drinking Game, $15 at World Market

Geminis thrive in the company of friends, so anything you can get them that will bring their tribe together is a win, says Goss. She suggests drinking games, and we’re willing to bet that your friend will be into this toppling tower game. Think Jenga only with more alcohol — so harder and even more fun.

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“Cancers are all about the homey and cozy factor,” says Goss. Remember the hygge trend that swept the design world a couple of years ago? Keep that in mind when shopping for Cancer. “A cute mug and teapot set would be spot on,” says Goss. “Cancers love collecting, so it doesn’t matter if your recipient already has these kind of items — he or she will love it anyway.”

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The illustrations are a little cheesy, but your Gem won’t judge this — or any — book by its cover. It’s what’s inside that counts, and Goss says Geminis will geek out over this recipe book that details 43 great American writers’ favorite drinks. “Gemini is a very literary sign — they love to read and write and entertain, so this kind of a book is right up their alley,” says Goss.

According to Goss, Cancers are the “mothers of their friend groups.” She’s that person who is always hosting, cooking dinner, or pulling snacks out of her purse when you’re all together and starting to feel hangry. So give her something to make cooking a big lasagna or casserole for the group super easy — a nice Le Creuset stoneware baking dish. She’ll dig one in this pretty, matte navy finish.

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Geminis are usually the mixologists in their groups, says Goss, because they love to bring people together in social settings where everyone can let loose. So your Gem bestie will love adding this set to her bar cart. The tools even come in a bamboo caddy for easy display.

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Give a Cancer a kitchen gadget, and you’ll have a friend for life. Goss suggests a spiralizer, either as an attachment for a KitchenAid mixer (because your Cancer bestie probably has one!) or a simple palm version, which she can grab quickly to make zoodles if she’s cooking for just herself.

7. Gaby Dalkin Cheese Board, $230 at Williams Sonoma

Bring the party — and take the heavy lifting off Gemini’s shoulders — with this shippable Insta-worthy cheese board from LA-based blogger Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking. Get your whole crew to chip in so the price tag isn’t so steep. This way, Gem can focus on telling her legendary stories instead of worrying about the apps at her own birthday dinner party.

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8. Brass Candlesticks, $28 at Etsy

“Collector Cancer loves anything with a sense of history or ancestry,” says Goss. That’s why they love a good flea market or estate sale find. Pick up a pair of antique candlesticks for your Cancer’s dinner table. It doesn’t matter how much you spend — the point is that they have soul and a story to tell. Note: The set above might have sold out, but you can find plenty of antique candle holders on Etsy.

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Learning is a lifelong passion for curious Gemini, so give yours a set of nice knives, which she can use to perfect her knife skills.

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“I could see Cancer being really into the fermented food trend,” says Goss. “They love anything DIY related to canning, jarring, or growing their own food.” That’s why a kombucha kit is so spot on. Cancer would rather make her own than buy it from Whole Foods.