Gary and Leslie’s Kitchen With A View

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Functional and fashionable kitchens are always a success story. They look really pretty, and they are also pretty functional. There’s no point in having a great-looking kitchen if you’re haplessly bouncing around because it just doesn’t have the right flow. This kitchen demonstrates both form and function — it flows into the rest of the home, and yet also is a wonderful place for the home cook.

Gary and Leslie’s home is the perfect home to display their love of mid-century modern furniture. We especially love the kitchen table and chairs that exudes their love for mid-century modern. Their kitchen may not be mid-century modern, but it flows with the rest of the furnishings very well.

We’re envious of the gigantic window above the kitchen sink and the amazing view they get. They live in a valley in California and the view is certainly one of the perks. We don’t think we’d mind washing dishes as much if we had an awesome view like that!

We also love the success of the small, dark tile backsplash and the white cabinets. It’s a great juxtaposition and a serious eye catcher. The stainless steel appliances and sleek cabinet handles are a great modern touch! The cabinets seem as though they’re never ending &mdash ample storage in a kitchen is an asset anyone can appreciate!

Another feature we love &mdash the wood panels on the ceiling. They’re original to the home, and we’re so pleased to see that the couple loved them enough to leave them.

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(Images: Gary Ward)