The GarlicCard: Grate Garlic Without Destroying Your Fingers

updated May 30, 2019
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Item: GarlicCard
Price: $7.99
Overall Impression: A handy tool that grates the garlic, not your fingers.

For those who love strong, garlicky flavor, finely grating it is the way to go. Here’s a tool that quickly and easily grates garlic (and ginger) without harming your fingers in the process.

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The Review

Characteristics and Specs: Slightly larger than a credit card, the plastic GarlicCard comes in six colors: yellow, red, blue, green, pink, and black. Unlike the previous version, which was completely flat, this GarlicCard has a curved shape that makes it easier to handle.
Favorite details: The teeth are not sharp to the touch, so it’s safer than using a metal grater. It’s also very easy to clean.
Splurge-worthy? While not essential, it’s a nice tool to have if you frequently grate garlic.
Good for small kitchens? The GarlicCard is small and easy to store.

There are a number of tools one can use to finely grate garlic, from a chef’s knife to a garlic press or even a fork. I generally use a Microplane grater, but there have been a few times when I’ve scraped my fingers along with a clove of garlic or knob of ginger (ouch!). I also have a Japanese-style metal garlic/ginger grater but find the teeth uncomfortably sharp.

While testing the GarlicCard, I have appreciated how quickly it does the same job without any danger to the fingers. The sturdy, curved shape makes it easy to hold against a cutting board or countertop while grating. Unlike a lot of gadgets, this one’s small and unassuming enough to store easily. Yet, personally, I still find it more comfortable to hold my long Microplane, especially when I grate garlic or ginger directly into a pot or pan. How much you like the GarlicCard might depend on your cooking style. One thing is for sure, though: it’s remarkably easy to clean with a quick rinse under running water.

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