Garlic Unitasker of the Day: Chef’N Garlic Zoom Chopper

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are a few ingredients that merit an entire category of unitaskers all to themselves, and garlic is one of them. We’ve talked about the RoyalVKB Garlic Crusher, the Garlic E Zee Dice, and Garlic Twist.

Today’s installment! The Chef’N Garlic Zoom chopper – is it a toy, or a sharp utensil?

Apparently you fill this little device with peeled garlic cloves, then roll it. The stainless steel blades chop peeled garlic cloves into chunks, ready for cooking. Your hands will be clean(er) (presumably you already peeled the cloves anyway, unless you’re lazy like us and buy pre-peeled garlic) and less smelly.

We do like the little wheels; they’re remind us of those Hot Wheels cars that rev themselves up when you drag them back across the floor, then zoom forward when you let go. We are picturing zooming garlic wheels all over our kitchen floor.

As fun as this would undoubtedly be, however, we are dubious about the cleaning aspect.

They do say the blade is removable for for easy cleaning, and it’s top rack dishwasher safe. They also tell us to use “small to medium cloves,” and only one or two at a time. Eh – what’s your verdict on this garlic unitasker?

Buy the Chef’N Garlic Zoom Chopper at The Kitchen Outlet for $9.99