This Time-Saving Hack Promises to Give You Fresh Garlic for Up to a Year

published Aug 23, 2022
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three heads of garlic, one with the top cut off, next to a knife
Credit: Emma Christensen

I’m a huge fan of garlic. So much so, I can eat it roasted plain with just a bit of olive oil. No further recipe required! Even if you don’t love garlic quite that much, you can get a lot out of the fresh garlic hack posted by the charming Instagram account @brunchwithbabs

In a video posted this weekend, Babs shared how you can have fresh garlic on hand at any time for any recipe. As she pours the fresh garlic, she says, “This is pure garlic, nothing else in it.”

“I learned this hack from my friend Ida, but she didn’t know it was a hack. She came right to this country from Italy and taught me so much about cooking,” Babs shared with her viewers so that they’d know a bit of the history behind the helpful tip.

First, she takes the peeled garlic gloves and uses a food processor to chop them “to your liking.” Once the garlic gloves are chopped, she turns to the small glass jar (make sure it’s freezer-safe!) and places a bit of olive oil in it. She then pours the chopped garlic into the jar before pouring just a bit more olive oil on top to seal it and adds the jar’s lid.

According to everyone’s favorite internet mom/grandma, these little glass jars of garlic will last in the freezer up to a year or — if you go through garlic on the regular — a week in the refrigerator. 

“This is a time saver, for Pete’s sake. The perfect way to always have fresh garlic on hand,” Babs says, and frankly, I believe she’s right! 

Have you ever used this hack before or plan to use it soon?