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This Ultra-Luxe Recipe Proves That Lobster Is the Best, Once and for All

published Mar 18, 2022
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four grilled lobster tails on a plate
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Anna Stockwell
How To Make Grilled Lobster Tails with Garlic Butter

In my opinion, adding lobster to just about any dish immediately elevates it. (Case in point: mac and cheese!) But cooking with lobster at home can be intimidating — especially if you’ve never prepared it before. Happily, Cordarrius Green, a pro chef with a huge social following, has the perfect solution for homemade lobster-y goodness that’s so easy, you can make it tonight. And, folks, after reading this you’re going to want to.

Green’s ingenious idea is for garlic-Parmesan lobster bites, which he demoed in a recent Reel. The recipe starts with pre-cooked lobster tails — you can buy them at most grocery stores with seafood departments. There’s no boiling involved here; just remove the meat from the shell and rinse it clean. After that, Green chops the lobster into generous bite-sized pieces and preps the batter. 

Don’t zone out during the instructions here; this part is key to a light and crunchy texture, thanks to his addition of club soda. Although Green instructs his fans to season the batter to their liking, I noticed he used a healthy dash of Slap Ya Mama hot sauce. I would definitely recommend doing the same; that stuff is fire. Because dredging batters can be tricky, Green has a helpful hint for mixing up your own: The texture should be thick, like pancake batter

Dunk those lobster pieces in the mix, then fry them until golden-brown. (I will note that at this point in the video, I was seriously tempted to reach through the screen and grab the crunchy lobster nugget. Alas, virtual reality isn’t quite there yet.)

Of course, that’s only half the job. Green finishes the bites with a flavor-packed sauce. Butter, garlic paste, hot sauce, and parsley are melted down, then poured over the fried lobster in a large bowl. Toss that lobster like you’re getting paid for it, and finish with shaved or shredded Parm. If there was any question about how delicious this combo is, Green confirms it with his taste-test at the end of the video. His head shake and counter slap is endorsement enough for me. 

If you prefer to get recipes written out, instead of through video, Chef Cord has a huge collection on his website. Pay a small fee for access (the garlic-Parm lobster bites are just $2), and instantly receive the recipe. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this; I love to see Chef Cord getting credit and compensation for his time and talent. Give him a follow at @cordandthekitchen for more recipe inspo — with chipotle lime wings, bacon jalapeño pizza, and peach cobbler egg rolls on the menu, there’s plenty to keep your appetite up.