The $40 Le Creuset Gem That Helps Garlic Stay Fresh Longer (and Can Be Used to Roast It!)

published Feb 20, 2024
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Credit: Chloe Berk

There’s nothing more frustrating than your food going bad before you’ve had a chance to eat it. Speaking for myself, even when I buy my produce and ingredients in smaller quantities, it seems like I’m still always having to toss out a rotten batch way too soon. The good news is, though, that there are tons of products designed to prevent such a thing from happening. Moldy berries will be a thing of the past, for instance, if you ditch their plastic store-bought containers for a produce bin. You can use food huggers to preserve leftover halves of fruits and veggies. Take it from tons of editors here at The Kitchn: Making the switch to food storage containers like these will pay off quickly.

One of our favorite cookware brands, Le Creuset, is also getting in on the food storage action with their latest release. This $40 item won’t just look cute on your countertop — it will keep your garlic out of sight, easily accessible, and fresh longer. Even better, it also doubles as a roaster! Read on for more details about this ingenious garlic keeper.

What is the Garlic Keeper?

The key for storing garlic is to make sure air can circulate around it, so that it doesn’t lock in moisture and rot. Odds are, your garlic is currently sitting in a bowl on your countertop or in your pantry, and while that’s all well and good as long as it’s not tightly sealed, garlic keepers are specially designed to lock out moisture. Keepers like Le Creuset’s have built-in holes to promote airflow and keep it fresh longer — but this one stands apart in more ways than one.

This container has the benefit of looking way more stylish on your countertop than a regular bowl, while also making things more organized. You’ll be able to grab your garlic when cooking effortlessly. The glazed surface is embossed with the brand’s name and a small garlic bulb, and the matching lid keeps out dust and debris. It’s crafted with Le Creuset’s signature high-quality stoneware that’s nonporous and resistant to wear — and its sturdiness means that it’ll hold up for roasting garlic and root veggies inside of the oven.

Credit: Le Creuset

While this item is a relatively new addition to the brand’s offerings, it’s sure to become a bestseller in no time. This garlic keeper offers the high level of quality Le Creuset is known for, and it’s a budget-friendly two-in-one. That’s hard to pass up!

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