These Are the 4 Most Popular Gardening Trends in 2022

published May 12, 2022
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Planting Spring Herbs Into Terracotta Pots
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As spring is in full swing and summer approaches, those with green thumbs will be keen to get back outside and tend to their garden spaces. But which gardening trends are proving popular this year?

To celebrate National Gardening Day, which was last month (April 14, to be exact), experts at WeThrift decided to researched what gardening fans have been adding to their Pinterest inspiration boards. They analyzed trend data over the last three months to determine which gardening trends have peaked over the last few months, and the results show everything from sustainable living to cottage gardens (perhaps as a nod to the ever-popular cottagecore trend.)

Below, some of the top garden trends in 2022, along with expert commentary from Nick Drewe, Trend Specialist at WeThrift.

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Stone walls

“Stone walls are a huge trend this year, with an increase in the search volume of 300 percent on Pinterest. People will use them at showstopper garden features to retain a flower bed or add them around your seating or hot tub area to create a sense of privacy,”

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“It seems that this year gardens and landscapes will embrace the natural world instead of removing it. Our findings discovered a huge surge in the number of people searching for ‘wild garden’ with an increase of 206%. Creating a wild garden gives dimension to your outdoor space and over time, it will increase the number of wildlife and wildflowers you get in your garden. You can just letting nature take over and see what the outcome is, or some gardeners prefer to incorporate specific plants and wildflowers into their space,”

Cottage gardens

“Cottage gardens are going to be a huge trend throughout 2022 as people start to embrace nature and soft tones. The trend is all about incorporating pastels, with soft blues, green foliage and highlights of wildflowers to achieve an effortless look,”

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Vegetable gardens and sustainable living

“Grow your own is a big trend for 2022. As we head into spring we will start to see homes incorporate vegetable and fruit plants into their space as we look for more sustainable ways to live. Couples with rising food prices and shortages, it’s no surprise that homes across the country are looking for ways to grow their own organic produce.”

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