Garden 2010: What Kinds of Tomatoes Are You Growing?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Throughout much of the country, this is the time to plant tomatoes! Many of you are counting down to your frost-free date, and from Memorial Day weekend to early June, people will be putting little baby tomato plants in the ground. We’re curious: Are you growing tomatoes this year? If so, what kinds are you growing?

There are just so many kinds of tomatoes out there (yellow ones, green ones, striped ones, even white ones!) and if you are growing heirlooms, the range of taste and color is amazing.

I was a bad baby plant momma this year and my seedlings died for want of light. So I’ll be buying heirloom starts from my local market. I am probably going to plant Brandywine and a couple others, including at least one cherry tomato.

What about you? What are your tomato-growing plans this year?

(Image: Flickr member gmnomic licensed for use under Creative Commons)