Gallery: Looking Out the Kitchen Window

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s Outdoor Month, and we’re going to be asking you for photos of your own outside spaces, big or small. But for many of us, the kitchen window is our link to the outside, the one place where light streams into our little kitchen or where we can watch our gardens grow while washing dishes. A kitchen window is a treasure; it lets in light and lets us look out at the seasons. Here’s a look at a collection of kitchen windows, inside and out. Do you have a window in your kitchen?

• 6 Cheery orange window – Even though the day looks dreary, this window frames it in bright. Also with a great tip for cleaning windows: wet newspapers! By Flickr member amandabhslater, licensed for use under Creative Commons.
• 7 Eggplant Purple Kitchen – With another window over the stove, flung open to fresh air.
• 8 A tranquil view – By Flickr membergshowman, licensed for use under Creative Commons.
• 9 A lovely place to eat – A huge window with light for eating and cooking. A Small Cool 2009 entry.
• 10 White and green – Plenty of light for plants. By Flickr memberback_garage, licensed for use under Creative Commons.

Do you have a kitchen window? What do you see out of your kitchen window? Show us! Upload a photo of your kitchen window, inside or out, and tag it with thekitchn. If we see a few we’ll roundup them up here on The Kitchn.