Galettes Are a Million Times Easier than Pie

Galettes Are a Million Times Easier than Pie

Sheela Prakash
Aug 9, 2017

I am not quite sure when the last time I baked a pie was. It's not that I don't enjoy the occasional slice, but ever since galettes walked into my life roughly nine years ago, I've never looked back.

I distinctly remember the first day our love blossomed. The final project for one of my culinary courses in college was to develop a menu that would compete with my classmates' menu to be served at a graduation luncheon for my department. I dove deep into the task and scoured cookbooks and the internet to build a menu I thought would wow. Never having heard of galettes before then, I stumbled upon a few recipes for them that sounded delicious, and put them at the center of my menu. I won that little competition. My whole class cooked that menu for the luncheon, and I've been wooed by galettes ever since. Their lack of fuss made me a believer then and it continues to make me a believer now. I want to make you a believer too.

Why Galettes Are Better than Pie

Galettes are pies for lazy cooks. Their free-form appearance gives them a look that's equal parts rustic and homey, which actually feels quite special in a world of fancier things. There's no need for a pie pan and you can forget about crimping the crust. Instead, you simply roll out pie dough onto a baking sheet, pile on whatever ingredients you choose, fold over the dough's edges haphazardly, and bake until golden-brown and bubbly.

What's even better? A galette swings sweet or savory with ease. Mound fresh fruit tossed with a little sugar in the center for dessert — whipped cream or ice cream are welcome toppings — or swap in any mix of seasonal vegetables along with another flavorful addition like soft cheese or herby pesto to make a carefree lunch or dinner. Either option can also be easily transported to a picnic or potluck and tastes equally great warm or at room temperature. It's no wonder I can't quit them, and I am more than OK with that.

Do you love galettes as much as we do? What are your favorite sweet or savory fillings?

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