Why January Is the Time to Purge Your Kitchen of Unused Tools & Gadgets

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Do you purge your tools and gadgets during spring cleaning? That may seem like the best time to get rid of clutter, but I want to state that it’s more worth your time to do so now. Why? Because January is all about honesty and you’re out of excuses.

By excuses I really mean that you’ve lost the, “But I’ll use that at ___insert holiday here___” excuse for holding on to extra tools and dishes you never use.

In my own life I have many things that I use frequently at certain times of the year. Or so I thought until I really examined the tools I possess and how often I was truly putting them to use.

I used to have lots of inexpensive clearance finds — silicone molds or ice cube trays, specialty cookie cutters, baking bits and tips that were all just really sitting there. I would tell myself that I would really put everything to use during the holidays. Why? Because that’s when you pull out the big guns and put aside exhaustion in the name of elaborate spreads, baked goods galore and all sorts of frosting and icing ideas that you’d normally blow off for something less fussy or time consuming.

It was last January when I really came to my senses and noticed all those things that I really wasn’t using. I thought I was, and I had acquired many of them on sale, so saying goodbye was harder than I expected. Maybe it was the realization that I wasn’t really using the items I had purchased or maybe it was the feeling tjat I had failed at time management. If I had only watched one less episode of Firefly, then maybe I would have had time to put said items to use.

January is a time where the weather turns a bit colder, the holiday decorations have come down and it feels like a natural time to want to reclaim your house. It’s time to be a bit harsh and have a critical eye. Do you have supplies you’re holding onto like I was? What do you find the most difficult to donate or get rid of? Utensils? Specialty items? Old decor? Let us know below!