Gadget: Rotato Express

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just because we don’t recommend unitaskers for your kitchen doesn’t mean we can’t show them to you. Take a look at this potato peeler – clearly a modern attempt to update those old-fashioned table clamp styles of potato and apple peelers.

This fascinates us, in a Rube Goldberg sort of way. It’s a fairly self-explanatory gadget; just stick a potato upright on the spike, then let the peeler go. It automatically stops at the end of the skin. We wonder how well it works; has anyone tried it?

And while we wouldn’t buy one of these ourselves, we do wonder if it would be useful for people with arthritis who can’t grip a peeler very well. Our grandmother doesn’t enjoy peeling mounds of potatoes for Thanksgiving or Sunday suppers very much anymore, and a gadget like this might actually be more than a unitasker in the right kitchen.

• Buy Rotato Express at Fresh Finds for $24.99

You can also buy a manual, hand-cranked version.

Original Rotato, $19.99