G Is for Goya

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Kelsey McClellan)

So, does Goya really make the best canned chickpeas around? We tasted a slew of the most widely available cans of chickpeas to find out.

1. The Salty One: Progresso

These beans were quite salty, even after a good drain and rinse under cool water. They did, however, have a nice bite to them and a slight nuttiness, but it was hard to get over the salt level just eating them as is.

2. The Extra-Firm One: Eden Organic

While firm beans are good, these were a little too firm, meaning that some of the beans tasted gritty rather than soft. They also had more of a canned flavor than the rest.

3. The Extra-Soft One: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s went in the opposite direction, with the beans cooked almost too long that some were easily crushed — even when I gently rinsed them. This is definitely not an issue when making hummus, but it could be a bother when making a bean salad.

4. The Extra-Large One: Goya

These golden-hued chickpeas were definitely the largest of the bunch — in fact, they almost looked fake — but their flavor was even (not too salty or canned-tasting). And they were neither too soft or too firm.

5. The Well-Rounded One: Pastene

Smaller than the Goya beans, these chickpeas were equally as balanced. They had a nice nutty taste to them and weren’t too salty. They were a little soft, but still held their shape.