The Top 7 Moments That Made Us Laugh This Week (Because We Could All Use a Laugh)

updated Mar 19, 2020
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Mom working on computer at the kitchen table while toddler daughter colors
Credit: AleksandarNakic/Getty Images

The funny thing about a pandemic raging around the world and keeping most of America shut in their own homes is that it’s not funny at all. No joke can erase the fact that being at home means people are not at their jobs, and even many who can work from home struggle because they also have children underfoot. But it’s also human nature to ease the stress and pain with laughter, so the people of Twitter (and elsewhere) have come together to offer their “tips” on how we can all survive in this quarantine life.

In the words of Gritty, the mascot of the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, in a poignant and perfect letter about how hockey-less quarantine has been going, “After all, laughter is the best medicine. Next to medicine.” Here are some of our favorite funny things about the quarantine life that we’ve found around the internet this week

How to Drink

This guy on Reddit who shared what he thought day 69 of quarantine life might look like. Hey: you never drink alone if you have enough mirrors!

How to Work with the Kids Around

A Twitter user has figured out that camouflage is the key to not having to respond to the incessant neediness of children freed from the constraints of school. You’ll just need a picture of your couch and a large format printer.

Why Everyone Hoarded Toilet Paper

When everyone was told to stock up on food for a few weeks, they hoarded toilet paper, so this guy’s assumption that it should be served for dinner doesn’t seem too far off.

How to Stay Inside

Whiskey the pony and Lulu the donkey have some wise words for folks on staying away from other people. And, for some reason, former bodybuilder, action star, and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is there, too?

When to Call It Quarantine

With all these new terms — quarantine, social distancing, isolation — it can be hard to know how to use the term quarantine properly. Luckily this expert has the info for us.

How to Turn Your Kitchen into the Club

New York’s hottest club is your kitchen — it’s got everything. You just have to run the DJ booth/gas stove on your own.

How to Explain the Situation to Kids

Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen about quarantine life on Twitter or Instagram? Please share in the comments.