The Best $5 I Ever Spent Was on a Set of Funnels — Seriously

updated Sep 14, 2020
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Credit: Nopro

When the pandemic struck, I was visiting my parents in Uruguay. I was happy to be there, however my fatherland is one of the most meat-centric countries on earth. (Not exactly the easiest place for a vegan like me!) In addition to eating a vegan diet, I also try to cook with sustainability in mind. One way I do that: I started saving all of my vegetable scraps (except cabbage) throughout the week and storing them in a freezer bag. When the bag is filled, I now plop the odds and ends, a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt, and a bay leaf into a pot of boiling water to make stock.

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Sounds simple enough. And yet, disaster struck the first time I drained the boiled vegetables. Spooning out all the big pieces was easy, but when it was time to pour the liquid into a storage container, well, my parents’ counter took a bath.

Credit: Lola Méndez

I needed to find a funnel — not a simple task in Uruguay where I have yet to find simple measuring cups. I wanted a metal version, but had no such luck. Eventually, I bought a set of plastic funnels for $5 at a grocery store. The mouth on the biggest one is big enough to pour a cup of broth at a time, and the funnel part is small enough to trap any excess chunks and stems that don’t belong.

Will every single one of you here need a funnel? Probably not. But if you make stock or broth of any kind, then I can’t recommend it enough. (Although these funnels are also especially great for anyone who buys spices/dried goods in bulk!) This cheap tool has simplified my broth-making process and helps me keep my parents’ countertops a lot neater.

Armed with my trusty funnel, I actually look forward to this weekly ritual of repurposing my food waste into broth. While I wait for the bag to fill up, I love looking at all the scraps and taking a moment to be grateful for the nutrition they provided my body that week. It’s the little things these days. And, honestly, it doesn’t get little-er than a set of funnels in the kitchen.