If You Drink As Much Coffee as I Do, You Need This $12 Tool in Your Life

published May 29, 2023
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The corner of a kitchen counter with a coffee machine and a small brush and dustpan
Credit: Charli Penn

We drink a lot of coffee in my home — I mean, a lot. We brew two small pots a day and sometimes three on the weekends. My husband and I cherish our morning coffee ritual, which begins with us getting up an extra 30 minutes early each day to enjoy a cup together on our sun porch. In the spring and summer evenings, when time allows, we also like to sip our favorite blends in our garden. He’s even been known to have a third cup before bed — how he’s able to still fall right to sleep, I have no idea.

When you brew as much as we do, you’re bound to have a coffee station area of some sort in your kitchen and a routine to keep it clean and neat. While we’d already figured out that placing a latex mat beneath our coffee maker — the fan-favorite Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System — will help with spills and keep the dampness from damaging the counters, there was still the issue of the spilled coffee grounds everywhere. No matter how neat we’ve tried to be when we’re scooping and loading, there’s almost always a few lingering on the countertops and inside the nooks of the mat. That is, until I found the ingenious Full Circle and Brush Mini Dustpan Set on Amazon recently and it was the coffee station game-changer we didn’t know we needed.

What’s So Great About the Full Circle and Brush Mini Dustpan Set?

The Full Circle and Brush Mini Dustpan Set helps me sweep up stray, dried coffee grounds from our marble countertops in seconds and dump them even faster. (Admittedly, we’d been a little wasteful and got into the habit of using a paper towel to do the job each night.) But wait, there’s more: The circular handles make it super easy to hold, use, and store. Now that this mini dustpan tool is hanging from a Command hook nearby, we always remember to sweep away the mess on-sight — more sustainably. I can’t believe it was only $13.

Credit: Charli Penn

Plus, we went with the white brush set, which comes with a gray dustpan and wooden handle. (It comes in green too.) As you can see, the one we chose blends in seamlessly with our black, white, and gray kitchen aesthetic — in case you’re as picky as I am about what you hang on your kitchen walls. 

As a Cleaning and Organizing Editor, when I find one smart kitchen product I love, I like to stalk the brand to see what else I can try before everyone else finds out about it and it’s forever sold out. Am I alone here? We’ve enjoyed using this mini dustpan set so much, I started scoping out the other Full Circle cleaning product offerings. We wound up buying a slightly larger version — the $14 Full Circle Crumb Runner Counter Sweep and Squeegee to help make our post-dinner cleanup a little easier, too. It helps us quickly tackle meal prep crumbs and damp post-dishes counters in less time — using way fewer paper towels and giving our Swedish dishcloths a little break too.

Excuse me while I go marvel at my tidy counters, all thanks to some extra support from these tiny helpers.

Do you have a go-to tool that helps you tackle counter mess more easily? Don’t be shy! Share it with me below!

Buy: Full Circle and Brush Mini Dustpan Set, $11.82