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This Recipe for Fruity Pebbles Cake French Toast Will Change the Way You Do Brunch

published Dec 10, 2022
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fruity pebbles cereal.
Credit: Chow

Adding Fruity Pebbles to anything is like a cheat code for a crunchy, fun, sweet dish. In the past, I’ve seen plenty of recipes for French toast dipped in Fruity Pebbles cereal, but this recipe for Fruity Pebbles Cake French Toast from @thejoshelkin takes it up a level that I didn’t know I wanted it to go.

In his version of the colorful brunch dish, Josh bakes a Fruity Pebble cake and makes it into French toast. Sound confusing? It’s far from it. Not only does it look delicious, but it’s also a great way to add a little color to your brunch or breakfast. And all you need is one box of Duncan Hines Fruity Pebbles cake mix, eggs, cinnamon, and milk to make it happen.

Start by following the instructions on the box to make the cake mix, before pouring the mixture into a loaf pan and baking. Once cooled, remove it from the pan and slice it into 1-inch pieces. Josh notes that he added the additional Fruity Pebbles cereal pieces that the box comes with directly into the mix to increase the flavor and texture.

Combine eggs with cinnamon and then dip each cake slice into the mixture, fully covering the pieces with the mix. Next, pan-fry each side on medium-high heat for about 3 minutes. And finally, for your topping, combine the frosting that also comes inside the cake mix box with a bit of milk to create a syrup, and drizzle on top of the French toast slices. Voila! Fruity Pebbles French toast!

In his caption, Josh asks, “Why make French toast out of bread when you can make it out of CAKE??” And now there’s really no reason to.

If you do happen to try this out, be sure to check out this French toast hack that recommends toasting the bread before dipping it.