Fruit Spotlight: Red Bananas

Fruit Spotlight: Red Bananas

Faith Durand
Jun 9, 2010

Have you ever tried red bananas? They are a new thing for me, but after I read an article in the May Saveur about the great host of untried (in America, anyway) varieties of banana, I really wanted to taste one. When I saw a bunch at the grocery, I picked them up. And oh boy, are they delicious!

Now, I like bananas. I like them at a very precise stage of ripeness, though. Too green, and they set my teeth on edge. Too ripe and mushy — eh. They'll go into banana bread.

But that perfect place of ripeness? Smooth, creamy, tangy, and sweet? Yes please. Well, these red bananas are like that all the time, as far as I can tell. They are smooth and rich, with a depth of flavor that is quite remarkable. They also have a subtle tang that some people say reminds them of raspberries. They flesh of the banana actually does have just a hint of pink, as if stained by its deep red peel.

These are really delicious bananas, and I've only just begun to try them. I'm excited to buy another bunch and discover a banana that goes beyond simple yellow commodity (pennies on the pound!), one that has more taste and more depth to it.

Read the Saveur article: 5 Banana Varieties at Saveur

Do you eat red bananas, or other bananas other than the standard yellow Cavendish? Which is your favorite?

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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