Why Is Fruit Salad Always So-So?

(Image credit: Emily Han)

Fruit salad. It’s not exactly an appealing name. What could be a fresh, zesty summertime treat is so often mushy, overly sweet, and flat out underwhelming. This week as I prepped a bowl of sliced fruit for breakfast – blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple – I wondered about more adventurous possibilities.

Luckily, I came across some brilliant fruit salad tips.

Perusing Facebook, I came across a hilariously titled article via Slate – “We’ve Failed at Fruit Salad.” It asks the important questions like, “Do bananas even belong in fruit salad?” and “Why is fruit salad so mediocre?” A few great tips got me thinking about new combinations. As a kid I was always enamored of fruit salads that had a ton of variety. But let’s be honest, nobody is interested in all of that leftover underripe honeydew melon.

The truth is, fruit salad doesn’t have to have so many components, just a few that work really well together. As a big advocate of grapefruit anything, Slate editor-in-chief Julia Turner’s suggestion of strawberry, grapefruit, honey, mint, and lime zest, actually got my mouth watering. I was also reminded of Deb Perelman’s winter fruit salad, a great alternative to buying a $7 package of blackberries in January.

I guess the jury is in – I really need to step up my fruit salad game, starting now.

What are your favorite fruit salad combinations?