Freeze Fruit on a Stick… in Greek Yogurt!

published Nov 1, 2012
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102612-yogurt.jpg Pinterest tells me I should dip my bite sized pieces of fresh fruit in Greek yogurt and freeze them. Apparently it’s amazing, but I wouldn’t know because it always seemed a little messy. But this version gets the job done in less time with easier-to-eat results!

Jillee over at One Good Thing makes a great point about this frozen snack tip: it’s frightening how easy and obvious it is. I’ve seen fruit dipped in Greek yogurt 1,000 times over on Pinterest, and yet never did this simple idea dawn upon me. Just add a stick, silly!

The idea of skewering fruit and being able to dip them in multiples is far more appealing than single pieces one… at… a… time. Boring! Dipping them all at once is brilliant, plus, it makes them into popsicle shapes with no messy fingers to boot. Want to see how it’s done?

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