Heat Two Frozen Pizzas in the Time of One with This Super-Simple Hack

published Aug 3, 2022
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a whole pie of Chicken alfredo pizza on a plate, sliced into 6 slices
Credit: Laura Rege
Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Whether you prefer a fresh-out-of-the-oven delivery pizza, a rustic homemade pizza, or a ready-in-minutes frozen pizza, you have plenty of options out there. If you happen to find yourself in a frozen pizza kind of mood and you’re feeding a crowd, you might run up against a common problem: You have two pizzas to heat, but only one baking sheet (or you’d rather not dirty two baking sheets).

Fortunately, there’s a very simple hack that lets you cook two frozen pizzas on a single baking sheet easily. (Plus, if you’re looking for the best frozen pizza out there, we tested a lot!)

TikTok user gayextas posted a video showing the straightforward trick. Instead of trying to awkwardly fit your whole pizzas on the baking sheet, slice each pizza in half and place the pieces in the pan with the straight edges lined up with the sides of the baking pan.

What’s great about this hack is that could also apply to other round foods, too, such as pitas and naan. It’s simple, but smart, and saves you time and oven space.