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I Tried Instagram’s Popular Frosty Mint Lemonade and It’s Guaranteed to Make Your Summer a Whole Lot Cooler

published Jun 24, 2022
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I Tried Frosty Mint Lemonade
Credit: Lois Alter Mark

In my opinion, nothing defines summer like an icy glass of fresh lemonade. There’s just something about that sugary tartness — or tangy sweetness, depending on your point of view — that feels like sunshine and instantaneously elicits a satisfying aah.

So when I discovered Hajar Larbah’s video showing their 752,000 Instagram followers how to make frosty mint lemonade, I couldn’t think of a better way to welcome summer. I was eager to try this green, minty take on the classic drink and was hoping it would be everything I’d dreamt it up to be. It only takes 10 minutes to make and requires just a few easy ingredients, making it at least worth a try.

Get the recipe: Frosty Mint Lemonade

Credit: Lois Alter Mark

How to Make Frosty Mint Lemonade

This recipe is super simple and requires ingredients that you possibly already have on hand. Start by squeezing lemon juice into a blender. Then add sugar, cold water, ice, fresh mint leaves, and lemon wedges. Blend until smooth and enjoy!

My Honest Review of Frosty Mint Lemonade

I’m not sure why the recipe calls for lemon wedges (rinds and all!) and I admit I wasn’t crazy about the texture so I kept blending until the consistency was way smoother than it is on Larbah’s video. Even then, the result seemed more like a green drink — kind of like a lemonade smoothie. That being said, it was delicious and super refreshing and I will be keeping pitchers of this frosty treat in my fridge all summer. 

Credit: Lois Alter Mark

3 Tips for Making Frosty Lemonade

  1. Use a BlendJet 2 for lemonade to go. I made mine in it because I had errands to run and it was so easy to take it with me for a little boost while driving. It even enabled me to give the lemonade an extra blend or two along the way.
  2. Feel free to play with the ingredient amounts. If you prefer it sweeter, tangier, mintier, or thinner, it’s simple enough to customize the drink to make it exactly the way you like.
  3. When life gives you lemons, make this frosty mint lemonade. Make it even if you have to go get the lemons yourself.

Get the recipe: Frosty Mint Lemonade