Pickle Popsicles and a New Microplane Adjustable SlicerFrom the NY Times Dining Section 03.12.08

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The New York Times’ Dining Section is heavy on the restaurants this week, but we enjoyed the Dining In sections – especially Florence Fabricant’s tips on the hottest and latest kitchen gear. This Microplane Adjustable Slicer is cheaper than an expensive mandoline, and sturdier than a cheap one. It only slices – no julienned carrots or crinkle potatoes. But it’s only $39.99 and it looks like it would slip flat into a drawer.

More below, including pickle popsicles, green salsa for St. Patrick’s, and undercover slaughterhouse coverage…

Pickles, Deconstructed – Pickle juice! A Texas entrepreneur has introduced Pickle Sickle, made from fresh-squeezed pickles as well as the brine.

Upton Sinclair, Now Playing on YouTube – YouTube and the rising role of undercover video activism. This article tells the story of the young vegan who went undercover in a slaughterhouse to video evidence that effected the largest meat recall in U.S. history.

A Lunch That Provides Its Own Box – Melissa Clark is obsessed with Cornish pasties – old-fashioned pies miners used to take for lunch. Her recipes Savory Pork, Apple and Sage Pies and Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Olive Pizza Pockets might convince us too.

Sauté and Sauce, Green and Greener – OK, so tomatillas aren’t Irish – but they are green! St. Patrick’s Day is Monday and the Minimalist offers up chicken and salsa verde.

Mollycoddling Lamb for Tender Eating – Thinking about lamb for Easter? Keith Martin, a farmer in Pennsylvania, has worked with Thomas Keller to cosset and coddle his lambs in the philosophy that raising animals naturally and humanely will result in better meat. See the article for information on how to order in time for Easter

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