From The Kitchn: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Today is a holiday for us (and for many of you) in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s a quote from a great article about Dr. King. We linked to it last year and find that it is worth rereading:

“The first challenge in honoring the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is to keep it real. I’m fortunate because some of my colleagues actually knew him as a young man and worked closely with him until his death. They tell me that King as a young man loved to have a good time. He loved soul food: red beans and rice, greens and ham hocks and pigs’ feet.”

Below: how we’re celebrating the day…

We made soul food over the weekend because we were craving spicy, bacon-rich collard greens in their rich “pot likker.” We’ll take any excuse to eat soul food, but Dr. King’s holiday is a better excuse than most. If you want to celebrate in your own kitchen, check out Soul Food Advisor for tips and recipes.

And we suggest taking a few minutes to read Letter from Birmingham Jail (in PDF at This is a high classic of American history and literature, and it bears great relevance and significance still for our time. We try to read it every year on this day.