From The Kitchn: Giving Thanks for Local Resources

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every year, The Kitchn’s writers like to share some of the things that make us feel thankful, and this time we wanted to focus the spotlight on local resources. Read about our treasured food resources after the cut, and then share your own. Who are the farmers, markets, artisans, and organizations that inspire your cooking and contribute to your communities?

Faith Durand: I am thankful for Snowville Creamery. They provide wonderful milk to the community, and they educate and inspire the rest of us to just do things a little better.

I am also very thankful for the Clintonville Community Market, a co-op about three steps from my house. It’s a place that provides me with lots of my groceries, and lots of local community too!

Oh, and for Jeni’s Ice Creams! Jeni is so inspiring in the way that she uses local ingredients and flavors in fresh ways, and her molasses praline ice cream was among the best three things I ate all year.

Dana Velden: I am thankful for Soul Food Farm, a pasture-raised chicken and egg farm located just outside of the Bay Area in Vacaville, CA. Farmers Alexis and Eric Koefoed had just started to expand their operations earlier this summer when a huge fire destroyed much of their farm. It was very heartwarming and encouraging to see the Bay Area respond with donations and benefits to help them to get back on their feet.

I was so inspired I decided to volunteer to be a pick-up location for their San Francisco CSA and tomorrow is our first delivery: pasture-raised chickens, eggs, livers, gizzards, confit, and some delicious sounding olive oil. I like to think we’re helping to invent a new food system that is built on community and mutual support…and really, really good eggs!

Sarah Rae Trover: I’m thankful for Shatto Milk. So many local artisans depend on their consistently amazing products, it’s been fabulous to see them become an integral part of the food crafting community. That and I’m like a kid at Christmas waiting for their Pumpkin Eggnog each year.

Emily Ho: As an avid Hollywood farmers’ market shopper, I am thankful for the many local farmers who feed my stomach and soul. Particular gratitude goes to Weiser Family Farms whose exceptional produce (potatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peppers … the list goes on) and friendly advice inspires me week after week. I am also grateful to Julian and Carol Pearce (and the goats) of Soledad Goats for elevating my love of goat cheese to a whole new level.

I am also thankful for my City of LA-subsidized compost bin – a continuing source of fascination – and the inspiring example of my apartment-dwelling, vegetable-growing neighbor. More and more, I am realizing that I have so many teachers and resources in my own backyard – literally!

Kathryn Hill: I am thankful for the Mycological Society of San Francisco. My time foraging with them and learning about mushrooms has really changed the way I look at the land. I no longer see trees as trees; I see them as potential mushroom habitats.