From the Files: Recipes that Freeze Well

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Many of you have been asking for more recipes that freeze well, and we’re happy to deliver! Making big batches of food and freezing the leftovers is a good way to capitalize on abundant seasonal ingredients, reduce waste, and save time down the road. Below the jump, we have some tips on freezing whole dishes and a round-up of our favorite freezable recipes from the archives.

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Tips for Freezing Pre-made Foods:

• Dishes based on grains, meats, and/or vegetables freeze very well.

• Dishes with milk and other dairy don’t tend to freeze very well. If you’ll be freezing all or part of a recipe includes dairy, stop cooking and freeze it just before you would add the dairy. Fortunately, the dairy is added toward the end of most recipes, so it’s a simple matter to add it in once defrosted.

• Freeze food in serving-sized portions. Not only is this convenient, but smaller portions thaw more quickly.

• Fill the container that you’re going to freeze. This prevents freezer burn and saves space in your freezer.

• Don’t forget to label everything! After some time in the freezer, it might not be so easy to tell the vegetarian soup apart from the bolognese sauce!

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Freezer-Friendly Main Dishes
No-Boil Chunky Cheese Lasagna
Homemade Calzones
Cincinnati Chili
Old-Fashioned Sloppy Joes (freeze the sandwich filling)
Basil Parmesan Pot Beans

Freezer-Friendly Meat Recipes
Once reheated, these leftovers will likely be too dry to eat on their own. Instead, re-purpose them in soups, sauces, and fillings.
Slow-cooked Brisket with Onions
Spice Seared Boneless Leg of Lamp
Chipotle-Porter Pot Roast

What are your favorite dishes to freeze?

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