From The Email: The Only Three Things You Really Need

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Yesterday I went to a press demonstration of some kitchen gadgets and it got me thinking about the sense of necessity we have about stocking our kitchens and our lives with stuff. When I got back to the office and told the team about the stuff I’d just seen, someone asked me ‘okay, so what do you truly really need in a kitchen to cook well?’

That’s easy.

  1. A good knife. If you only have one, make it an 8-10″ chef’s knife.
  2. A good pan. If you only have one, make it a deep 10″ cast iron skillet.
  3. A wooden spoon. Here’s an brief post from Faith.

Sure, you may want other things, and most people probably have much more. And I’d be a liar if I told you I didn’t get a thrill from a new spatula or chopping board now and then, not to mention fantasies of extra counter tops. You know that here on The Kitchn we test products and run reviews because there are kitchen tools that we think truly are helpful to some cooks. But the question of what you actually need is a good one to explore now and then because it gets you closer to your food.

The point we try to make with everything we present to you on The Kitchn is that food is life, and the more stuff we put between us and our food, the further away we travel from the vital aspect of it. Too much stuff kills it. Touch your food, it won’t bite. Use a fork to whisk your eggs, I dare you.

Think about your ancestors: they probably didn’t have cupboards full of rarely used appliances and cooking toys. Go back many generations and most of those kitchens had a good knife, a good pan and a well-used wooden spoon. And they probably ate really well.

As I step down from my soapbox, I ask you to take this as a meditation. Let it rumble around in your mind. Then, this weekend, see what bounty you can cook up using less stuff.

Sara Kate

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
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