From Cooking to Clean-Up: 3 Professional Playlists for a Dinner Party

published May 2, 2013
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I had so much fun putting together my cooking and party playlists a few weeks ago, but I’m just an amateur mix-maker. When it comes to professional party music, I always turn to my friends Tony Liebetrau and Ian Gotler of the DJ company RedShoe, who know how to set just the right mood with music. Today I’m sharing three playlists from Tony: one to get you chopping to the beat while you cook, another to put on when the guests arrive, and a final, low-key mix to make cleaning up at the end of the night a little easier.

Tony’s top ten cooking songs combine old and new in an upbeat mix that will keep your toes tapping, but isn’t so distracting that you’ll forget to add the salt. Here’s how he describes his cooking playlist:

Picking a soundtrack to cook with is tricky. You want it to be energetic enough so you can dance while chopping, but it should also put you in a state of no-mind where you can become fully engrossed in preparing your meal. I don’t cook that often, but I’ve done it enough to know that when you put your love and attention into the meal you’re creating the food inevitably tastes better. Here are 10 songs that keep my energy up while allowing me room to stop and smell what’s cooking.

Once the guests arrive, Tony’s top ten dinner songs slow things down a bit to allow for conversation and a relaxed atmosphere.

The music totally depends on the number of guests and what is planned for after the meal. For this mix, I’m imagining a 4-6 person gathering that is moving towards a post-meal board game or two. This mix of covers and classics with just a touch of world flavor should do the trick.

And once the party is over and the last guest has departed, it’s time to clean up — ideally accompanied by this mix of mellow tunes to make it a little more fun.

You’re definitely coming down energetically but you don’t need to drop out musically. These ten tracks are soothing, soulful, and sexy. After all, who’s to say what’s next?

Thanks, Tony!

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